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Monday, February 25, 2013

Click for charity and I might go extreme

With one click, you can help me give to charity thanks to Reliant Energy's Rodeo Roundup

Reliant Rodeo Roundup - Tricycle Barrel Racing 12
Don't make me do stuff like this for charity, just click to vote to make a difference.

Hopefully you enjoy the posts on I work hard on this blog. {Turn on public radio fundraising voice} And now here is your chance to keep it all going.

All you have to do is click. That's it. You can help me win $2,500 for charity. Only one click. Easy. You don't have to log in to Facebook or download anything. It's just one click (you can actually vote everyday too).

If I win, Reliant Energy gives Westbury Methodist Day School $2,500 for some facility repairs. Pretty easy on your part for a good cause!


Voting closes March 1st.

I'm up against Houston TV, newspaper and radio types. That already puts a guy with a free account (me) at a major disadvantage numbers and audience reach wise. But you can make a difference!

Maybe I should set up some goal. Like if I get enough votes, I shave my body hair or drink a gallon of water from the Gulf of Mexico...

By the way, if you have friends who play Farmville or something like that, tell them my voting page is a game and that if you click enough, they win.

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