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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Houston TV pregnancies, engagements and job moves

Think of this post like the last of your Thanksgiving leftovers that are still edible since I've hardly been posting the last few weeks.


If you've noticed that Fox 26 KRIV's Traffic Authority Michelle Merhar has a baby bump when you see her on TV, you are not alone. Lots of questions about a possible pregnancy on her Facebook page and Merhar has responded, "Nope, not your imagination. A baby girl is on the way...due in March!" Congrats! (Thanks you know who you are)


The KTRK 13 assignments weekend desk will be taking weekends off from now on (at least at the ABC owned station). Assignment Editor Ryan Rios is moving to CNN. Rios, a former channel 39 assignments guy, is joining fellow KIAH alum Travis Sattiewhite who has been at Jeff Zucker's new network for a few years now. Christiana Onita Olojo (Sic 'Em Bears) is also moving on. (Thanks Stephanie)

Changes over at KHOU 11's Great Day Houston. Associate Producer Suzanne Badger moves to radio at News 92 FM KROI to be an editor. Alexis Jones takes over Badger's duties at Great Day. (Thanks to PR Fairy @farbulous)

KHOU 11's Doug Miller tweeted a few weeks ago that the "biggest news out of city council meeting: Chris Moran is leaving the Chronicle, following his wife to Gainesville, FL."

Former Houston-based Hit Video USA VJ, Fox 26 KRIV reporter and KHOU 11 assignments guy Todd Duplantis is shifting in the PR world. He started The Duplantis Agency with his wife but now she is riding solo on that one. That's because Duplantis took a Public Relations Director gig with HCC Southwest.

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I hear a rumor that former KHOU 11 investigative reporter and current ABC News correspondent Mark Greenblatt is getting hitched. (Thanks to PR Fairy @farbulous)

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