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Friday, November 16, 2012

Wayne Dolcefino mentioned on KTRK 13

UPDATE 11/21/2012
Wayne Dolcefino and KTRK 13 divorce

We are still on KTRK 13 Undercover's Wayne Dolcefino watch. Dolcefino's last report on channel 13 was September 28, but Mr. 13 Undercover casts a large shadow with his name being mentioned this week (his picture and bio are still on the station's website).

Friday, Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino was indicted by a grand jury on four felony charges. As you may know, Dolcefino regularly featured Trevino in his reports this year. Here is how KTRK is mentioning Wayne-O in regards to this story:

The investigation was sparked by a series of 13 Undercover reports last year. Reporter Wayne Dolcefino examined Trevino's questionable charity spending and the pressure some of his employees said they felt to donate to Trevino's charity and re-election effort.

On a different note, KIAH 39's NewsFix used to have Constable Trevino read its crime report. Is that still going on? I will email KIAH and post the answer when I find out. UPDATE: NewsFix puts Constable Victor Trevino on 'hiatus'

Back to Dolcefino, an indirect mention came yesterday in Miya Shay's Bayport Cruise Terminal story. The 13 Undercover brand was mentioned minus the famous reporter behind it:

If that terminal name sounds familiar, it's probably because of 13 Undercover's "Port of Plenty" series of reports. That investigation exposed the millions of dollars spent to build and maintain the Bayport terminal that has sat virtually empty since it opened in 2009.

See Wayne Dolcefino on KTRK 13 or maybe hear a mention of him? Email me.

UPDATE 11/21/2012
Wayne Dolcefino and KTRK 13 divorce

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