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Friday, October 12, 2012

Space shuttle Endeavour angers Los Angeles residents

There are tons of stories in the media about space shuttle Endeavour’s journey through the streets of Los Angeles to its final resting place at the California Science Center and they are full of complaints from "our friends" (to borrow from VP Biden) in La La Land.

I've been to LA a bunch of times...never heard of this California Science Center. (not that my visits make me a Southern California tourism expert, but if it were a major destination, you'd think it would be more prominently featured).

Anyway, those stories are full of angry LA residents. Here is an example from

Some South Los Angeles residents are not excited about the historic event and see the weekend road closures as an inconvenience. Chris "Frost" Boone is one of those people. I met him on Crenshaw near 43rd Place waiting for the No. 210 bus.

"Most of the people on this side of town don't care about no space shuttle anyway," says Boone. "Why does it have to come this way?"


"That's going to kill my business for Saturday," says Brown. "I'm going to pretty much be sitting here all day, not doing anything."

For Brown, not doing anything means losing the $300 he makes on a Saturday. He says it costs him $100 a week to rent his booth, so he's taking a hit. Brown wants somebody to compensate the businesses in South L.A. "I don't know, the city, the museum," says Brown. "Whoever is doing all this, they should pay us for our day, at least."

I'm sure lots of Houston area residents would put up with the inconvenience. In fact here it wouldn't be considered an inconvenience, the streets/freeways would be lined up with Houstonians watching it's final journey to the NASA/Space Center Houston area in Clear Lake.

Houston lost the space shuttle to this?

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