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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fmr KPRC anchor Wendy Corona at WFAA

Former KPRC 2 anchor Wendy Corona showed up on WFAA 8 in Dallas-Fort Worth this weekend. Thanks to all those that sent me a notice! Corona has been in a reporter role from what I can tell on Now there have been a bunch of departures from WFAA's weekend news lately...maybe she will step in as an anchor? It's hard for me to do any research on Corona. The only things that pop up on the Internet are related to her channel 2 days. So I can't tell you where she's been since leaving Houston. Corona came to KPRC as an anchor in 2006. She was laid off from the station, according to the Houston Chronicle, in 2009. Corona later sued KPRC and some of its managers but lost in court. (SORRY FOR THE BLOCK OF TEXT, BUT THE BELO VIDEO PLAYER IS STRIPPING MY HTML SPACE TAGS OUT) RELATED Former Houston TV anchor loses lawsuit against station COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here