Thursday, September 27, 2012

Audingo brings voice to social media for broadcasters

TV, radio, sports teams, politicians are all looking for new ways to engage their audiences. So when I got an email from Austin-based startup Audingo, I thought the company had an interesting concept.

Social media has always let your voice be heard by a large audience, but Audingo now really lets your actual voice be heard. Now you see why broadcasters might be interested.

A radio morning show host for example can communicate with listeners after the show with personalized phone calls, texts and emails. This can be expanded to videos too, with a talk back feature letting fans join in.

Here is an mp3 link as an example of how JB from the "JB and Sandy Morning Show" on Austin’s Mix 94.7 KAMX is using the service. BTW, if you are a female that goes to the gym and doesn't shower, you might want to skip listening.

The company tells me Rock 103.9 KJXJ in Bryan-College Station has used the Audingo service and claims it helped ratings.

“The option of having prospective diarykeepers or a PPM panel member receiving a personalized phone call from my airstaff every day on the same devices Arbitron would likely be using to recruit them was the best idea I’d heard since my early days at 104 KRBE in Houston when we tried to blanket our ‘Hot Zips’ with Direct Mail pieces on the off chance that we’d be in the same mailbox as an Arbitron diary," said Brazos Valley Communications Vice President-General Manager Chris Kiske in a release.

Out of Texas, Weekly Top 40 Countdown host Rick Dees (and the man behind the song "Disco Duck") is also using the service.

I could also see this service used by a TV weathercaster for personalized forecasts.

If I were a single blogger, I would Audingo all of the gorgeous ladies who read my blog with romantic quatrains. If I did that in reality, my wife could Audingo you my obituary. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here