Monday, August 27, 2012

Stephen Dean resigns from WSYX 6 in Columbus

In a surprise move, former KPRC 2 investigative reporter Stephen Dean has submitted his resignation from the same job at WSYX 6 in Columbus, Ohio.

You might remember the Peabody Award-winning reporter just started with the Sinclair station last last May.

"It's not workable for me," Dean told Friday afternoon by phone. "Everyone who has worked with me knows when it comes to journalistic ethics, I don't

This was a homecoming job for Dean because both he and his wife have family in Ohio.
He sounded very disappointed because he really wanted this to work out

When I pressed Dean for his reason for leaving, he said there was not a particular instance, but a pattern that began in his first days there.

"My ethics have always been completely unbendable, when I feel I cannot do my job with those ethics, then I can't do my job at that station," Dean explained to me.

Dean did say that his first two months at WSYX exceeded his wildest dreams. He was proud of the fact he had put more hidden camera stories on air than he says had been produced for that market in years.

Here is one of the stories I could find online he was particularly excited about.

Dean was Houston bound when he talked to me. His family is still here and trying to sell their house.

"When I look in the mirror tomorrow morning, I will be satisfied," Dean told me.

I called the WSYX creative services director/promotions manager for comment Friday afternoon, but did not hear back from him.

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