Thursday, August 09, 2012

KIII 3.3 picks up MundoFOX

London Broadcasting Company (“LBC”), Inc., the owner and operator of Texas-based media properties, announced today that it will affiliate and broadcast the brand new MundoFOX television network for the Coastal Bend of South Texas. The new Spanish-language network will cater to the U.S. Hispanic market and can be seen beginning Monday, August 13, 2012 on KIII-TV 3.3 digitally over-the-air.

“This is a big day for London Broadcasting”, said Dan Robbins, Vice President and General Manager. “We are excited to be associated with the innovative programming that MundoFOX offers and look forward to seeing South Texans having more choice when it comes to the world of Spanish-language television.”

“We are confident that MundoFOX will succeed in serving our fast-growing Hispanic
market,” added Robbins.

MundoFOX programming includes a combination of teleseries, telenovelas and weekly series created originally in Spanish in addition to a daily newscast, live sports and children’s programming.

Speaking at the Fox Hispanic Media Upfront presentation recently, Emiliano Saccone, President of MundoFOX commented: “We are delighted to present our new lineup because these shows clearly represent the distinctive programming that MundoFOX will be offering our viewers.”

“Today’s Latino wants content that is more enriching, challenging and ‘Americano como tú’ (American like you),” said Saccone.

Regarding the U.S. Hispanic market, Robbins commented: “Innovation and choice… that is what will allow marketers to more effectively reach the new Latino consumer. The new audiences we are targeting are clearly more demanding. Our affiliation with MundoFOX will enable us to engage Latino viewers in a new and exciting way and will continue the legacy of providing quality television programming for the South Texas Coastal Bend.”

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