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Monday, February 06, 2012

Mike McGuff's post blogging art career

McGuff TV color bar art 3

A few years ago I was digging up a broken French drain from my yard and I had a bunch of PVC pipes and nothing to do with them. I thought it was time to make some art. Much like Michelangelo would carve marble, I fit together PVC pipes.

McGuff TV color bar art - the beginningMy original muse was the recession. Then I thought and it only made sense to take pipes commonly used for drainage and make it TV related. My muse was channeled, and like a slap in the face by an executive news producer, I decided to recreate television color bars. It is both painted and lit to match what TV professionals use to set the correct colors for TV productions (although broadcast engineers will say the piece does not accurately recreate color bars - but it's art).

McGuff TV color bar art 1I'm thinking of calling it TV Color Delight or TV Color Deluxe.

When I finished my work, my two year old said it was "beautiful." I "premiered" the piece on my front lawn Halloween night. And no joke, trick or treaters actually walked up to it, observed it and said they liked it. The best was when someone drove up and took a photo (maybe it was the HOA looking to fine me - no bill received yet though).

So where do you display something so magnificent?

Naturally you would think it is a perfect fit for a TV station. I could loan it to the KTRK 13 pool area or maybe KPRC 2's weather garden. However, I really want it in the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH). If anyone has any connections, please let me know.

I have already been plotting my next piece with a totally different medium. However, I think there might be more PVC pipe magic on the way. This time though, there is no more pipes to dig up. I'll actually have to go to Home Depot and buy some.

McGuff TV color bar art 2
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