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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DFW reality TV show follows 'American Pin Ups'

Dallas based network news producer, Derik Lattig (also formerly of KTVT 11 and KTRK 13), tells me he is embarking on a new project and it involves women and reality TV. Sounds like it a winning formula in that world!

It's called American Pin Ups and follows pin-up models and a photographer in Fort Worth:

Safari Productions presents the new original real-life series "American Pin Ups," which follows two Texas pin up models and a photographer who are hoping fame and fortune are just one click away. A “pin up” craze is sweeping the country and this trio hopes their photographs, costumes and attitude will propel them into the national spotlight. The soon to be shot 10-episode half-hour series is currently being shopped to several major Networks.

Each episode of "American Pin ups" dives into the fun but competitive world of retro pin up photography. Watch as these nationally published professional’s juggle their day to day lives and battle for the chance to land a cover or spread in major magazines. The show begins featuring Lorelei Lee and Flossie Carmichael who appear to be everyday wives, moms and homemakers. Appearances can be deceiving though as a phone call can transform this pair into sexy rock and roll gals from days gone by or elegant fur clad models. The man behind the camera is Rene Soliz, who has his own magazine “Delicious Dolls”. He too works to balance his “real job” as an engineer with his love of photography. It’s a rock and roll filled half hour show illustrating the rollercoaster life of a pin up.

From pesky garage workers on location to conflicts with other models to the truly bizarre, these models do what it takes in hopes of reaching the top. The high-stakes race is on as they set out to get that perfect picture, and any setback can cost big bucks.

From shooting in freezing cold temperatures in front of Texas landmarks to dark damp warehouses, no shoot is too hard for these professionals to handle. Lorelei Lee has been featured in numerous magazines, films and commercial TV over the past several years and clearly has a knack for the business. She always manages to keep a smile on her face and makes the best of adverse situations both in front of and behind the camera. Flossie Carmichael may be slightly newer to the pin up world but is no rookie. She’s about as tough and competitive as they come. She has participated in dozens of shoots since 2009. Whether at work in his historic Deep Ellum studio in Dallas or on location Rene Soliz is a true professional whose photographs and magazine have received a lot of attention. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here