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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Car towed in Houston? Here is a website to find it

Can't find your car in Houston? Parking can be at a premium in certain parts of town so sometimes you must do the unthinkable and park illegally. Of course that can get you towed and then what do you do? Walk? Bike? Not in Houston my friend.

That's why the Houston Police Department has announced a new website that "provides access to information pertaining to vehicles stored as a result of non-consent tows." Translation, where the [bleep] did my car get towed to?

HPD says this system is more time efficient and allows you and me, Joe Q. Public, to make inquiries into missing vehicles without repeated phone calls. Plus the receipt and release of vehicles can be tracked by storage lot owners electronically and in real-time. All you need is the vehicle's complete license plate number or complete Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This isn't a Scantron, no guessing on this one.

That means you have more time to get to Midtown or The Rice Village to go through the process all over again.

Houston Police Chief Charles A. McClelland Jr. explains in this video.

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