Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Houston radio's Weaver Morrow loses cancer battle

Sad news to report from the Houston radio community as longtime broadcaster Weaver Morrow, 63, has passed away.

"This morning at 5:45 Weaver Morrow passed away," his son Sam posted around the Internet. "He had been diagnosed with throat cancer in February and fell last week. When he was taken to the ER tests found that it was in his throat, esophagus, liver and prostate."

Morrow's Facebook page says he worked 35 years in radio broadcasting at the likes of KRBE, KAUM, WTRG, KOKE, KNUS, KLIF and KQFX. He most recently worked at Sunny 99.1 KODA on the morning show with Dana Tyson from 1991 to 2003.

Morrow's 'about section' on Facebook reads, "Sensitive, but tough, organized but chaotic, weepy at times but manly too, tall but short, fat but yet still thin happy but some how melancoly at the same time. Gosh all fish hooks, I guess you could say I'm just a walking contridiction. But wait, enought about me. What about you? Uhhhh, on second thought never mind about you."

Houston radio and national voice over talent Dave Crockett enjoyed his interactions with Morrow when they worked at the same company.

"When I was doing middays at 93Q during the last months of my contract, I would run into Weaver outside the building on Post Oak on my way up," Crockett told "93Q and Sunny were under the same owner at the time. [Morrow] would be taking a smoke break around 8:30 every morning. He always had a joke and we'd usually talk until he finished his smoke and ride the elevator up together. Weaver would often offer to 'buy me a cup of coffee,' which was free."

Morrow's family is asking donations be made in his honor to the SPCA of Houston. Sam Morrow said at this time there is no plans for a service. UPDATE: I was told a service will be held Friday at 1pm at Copperfield Church on Hwy 6.

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