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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Drink water in Texas? You might want to watch this

KHOU 11's Mark Greenblatt let us know he is going to have a big special tonight at 7pm on Houston's drinking water.

A Matter of Risk: Radiation, Drinking Water, and Deception is the culmination of a year's worth of work by KHOU on an important health topic. We flew across the country (from Boston, to Washington, to New York, to Iowa, and of course drove throughout Texas) to research and report this story. The program's aim is to inform, not alarm people about a health risk they may have been exposed to- which our news organization believes they have a right to know about. It includes just a ton of new material- and never before seen footage (including an interview with a university professor who was appointed by the President to advise the federal government on radiation matters, and is also a current member of the EPA's radiation advisory committee, which is part of the EPA's formal Science Advisory Board). We also go into great detail about attempts to censor our reports or intimidate us from continuing on… airing it all out there for the public to see.

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