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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Texas Radio Hall of Fame inductees for 2011

The names of the 2011 Texas Radio Hall of Fame inductees are listed below along with the radio stations and cities they've been most associated with during their careers.
With their inductions, they will be listed among those who are the greatest of the greats of Texas radio. The induction celebration will be held in Houston later this year. Congrats to all!

Below is the list of all the inductees listed in alphabetical order -- eight from the Houston area, seven from the San Antonio-Austin area, four from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, one from Liberty and one from Tyler.

Ken Barnett
(KVIL - Dallas-Fort Worth)

Bill Buchanan
(KSHN - Liberty)

Mitch Carr
(KVIL/KLUV/KRLD - Dallas-Fort Worth)

Errol Coker
(KHCB - Houston)

"Cuzzin Linnie" Leonard Henderson (Deceased - Died Thursday June 30, 2011)
(KLIF/KNON/KKDA-AM - Dallas-Fort Worth)

Bruce Miller Earle
(KVIL/KNOW/KLAR - San Antonio)

Howard Edwards
(KONO - San Antonio)

Pat Fant
(KLOL/KTXQ/KRBE - Houston)

John Furr

Larry Galla
(KIKK/KVST - Houston)

Lanny Griffith
(KLOL/KTRH - Houston)

Doug Harris
(KLOL - Houston)

Lanny "Hoss" Huggins
(KZAK/KROZ - Tyler)

Pam Ivey
(KKBQ/KIKK - Houston)

Dave Jarrott
(KXOL/KTBC/K98 - Austin-San Antonio)

Larry Don Johnson
(KTSU/KCOH/KULF - Houston)

Ira "Eye" Lipson
(KZEW/WFAA/KTCK - Dallas-Fort Worth)

Richard Mock
(KLIF/KILT - Houston)

Elizabeth Ruiz
(KTSA - San Antonio)

Johnny Shannon
(KTSA/KILT/KONO - San Antonio)

Lee Woods
(KONO/KKPS/KRIO - San Antonio)

The Council of Advisors members are: Al Caldwell, Ann Arnold, Bob Ray Sanders, Bud Buschardt, Chuck Blore, Eddie Barker, Dr. Jerry Hudson, Jo Interrante, Jody Dean, Josh Holstead, Paul Berlin, Sonny Melendrez and Tom Glade and Larry Shannon. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here