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Thursday, July 14, 2011

KHOU 11's Chita Johnson from KRCR can dance and rap

You'd think most of this blog's readers are journalists or something the way they find information on new TV hires in Houston...oh, wait a minute. Many of the folks who do stop by here are journalists.

Chita Johnson courtesy of KRCR

Within hours of posting Wednesday about the new KHOU 11 News at 4 with Len Cannon and meteorologist Chita Johnson, readers were already finding videos on YouTube of Ms. Johnson. Above is a video of her dancing to It's Raining Men conveniently by the group The Weather Girls (Factoid: The song was written in 1979 by Paul Shaffer of the Late Show with David Letterman).

However, we have also learned that Chita can rap. WATCH HERE.

And just where does the name Chita come from? According to Johnson's personal site bio:

You may think Chita, pronounced Cheetah, is an unusual name. Actually, it’s a family name. In fact there are five generations of mother-daughter Chita’s in her family..

You can read more about Johnson's work experience here. She has a lot of radio experience which will help with those anchor crosstalk segments (plus she can do the splitz as we learned in her dance video...good if the weather computer breaks and she needs to fill time).

Below are some videos of Johnson's actual on air TV news work (no dancing or rapping). My first assessment of watching her work, is that she is not a typical KHOU hire, more a KPRC or KRIV hire based on look and personality. Is this the dawn of a new era at KHOU?:

Johnson leaves KRCR and the airwaves of Redding, CA July 15th (tomorrow). She starts at the new KHOU 11 News at 4 August 1. KRCR appears to be having a Redding version of the Katie Couric Today send off for Chita that day. CONTACT: Leave me a Houston or Texas media news tip | COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here