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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

KIAH 39 graphics whiz Bryan Drake leaves for Fox 13 KSTU Salt Lake City

Vizrt and Chyron whiz (graphics dude for the layman) Bryan Drake is leaving KIAH 39 and Houston. He's heading west to be the senior designer at Fox 13 KSTU in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"We've all been through a lot at 39 in the past few years and I've become closer to everyone there than I have at any other job," Drake told "I've always wanted to work in news in my hometown and I'm glad I got to do it at 39. But now that summer's coming around I'm looking forward to nicer climates."

Maybe SLC actually gets rain on a regular basis. Let's hope so.

Drake will be joining another former KIAH 39 employee at KSTU. You might remember how I wrote about former producer Adam Silverstein going there around eight months ago.

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