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Monday, March 07, 2011

Charlie Sheen interview dance remix and other stuff made of tiger blood

If you can't get enough of Charlie Sheen...good news, there is plenty of him to go around even though the AP says he was just fired from Two and a Half Men. The new King of All Media made up of "Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA" now has lots of content devoted to him and his "rock-star life."

Above is one of the many YouTube electronic dance remixes of his interviews. The one I featured has the most views and is known as the 'Bi-Winning Dubstep' remix.

Sheen now has his own Ustream show. Or at least he did Saturday night at 9pm central time [WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE].

In the car away from a computer? Catch the Charlie Sheen SiriusXM channel on satellite radio.

Even the ABC and NBC reporters who interviewed Sheen are getting famous after their 'exclusive' interviews.

As Sheen says, "Dying is for fools."

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