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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne and Slash at Houston's Toyota Center

Quick note about the Ozzy Osbourne and Slash show at the Toyota Center in Houston Tuesday night (1/18/2011).

Great show. This is my fourth attempt to see Mr. Osbourne in concert. The first two were foiled due to weather. The third, because Ozzy broke his leg or something. Fourth was the lucky charm.

You always hear mixed reviews on Ozzy's voice, but lately reports say it is stronger. My thought, it sounded pretty good. The only issue is it took a few songs to get all the audio levels least where our seats were.

For a guy in his early 60s, Ozzy sure is high energy. If you wanted to remain clean, don't sit in the first 15 rows. Ozzy likes to pull out a hose with foam and spray the audience (a trademark in his act). Don't worry, he sprays himself too.

Osbourne's backing band is awesome. Gus G is the new guitarist (replacing Zakk Wylde). Gus likes to shred and pose above a fan to bring out his maximum rock star looks in the big stage video screen. Rounding out the rhythm section are bassist Blasko and drummer Tommy Clufetos (both played with Rob Zombie previously). Lots of energy with these three too.

Ozzy pulled out songs from his new album, solo classics and Black Sabbath tunes. There was also an extended guitar solo/band jam which worked well.

Slash performs with Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy and backing band. Slash is Slash, enough said. Slash is supposedly off the sauce and you can tell. He seems slimmer and full of more energy than I have witnessed live in a few years. The band preforms Guns N' Roses, Slash's Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and new solo album songs.

Kennedy is a good singer. He nails the Guns N' Roses tunes with his own style while not totally replicating Axl Rose. He has more trouble pulling off Scott Weiland Velvet Revolver songs. Our seat mates agreed that what Kennedy is lacking is stage presence. He might be able to sing, but he isn't too interesting on stage (especially considering who he is covering).

Does Kennedy feel his job is to support Slash and not upstage him? Maybe. But Slash is now a legend and he has played with two great front men and clearly held his own then. Enough already though...the original Guns N' Roses lineup must reunite. Just from watching the latest rock news, I think things are lining up for this to happen (Duff plays a few songs with Axl in London, Slash is nicer to Axl in the press). But the classic GNR lineup has an appetite for destruction so don't hope too much! COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here