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Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Houston icons going away? Plus more things coming our way

One thing about Houston, you can't say it never changes. Right now those changes are coming at 100mph. Stand back.

Iconic Montrose club building for lease
Nancy Sarnoff of the Houston Chronicle reports the owner of the lower Westheimer building that houses Numbers is looking for a new tenant. However the club's operator says it's not closing.
- Numbers Update: Don't Mourn Goth Sanctuary Just Yet

Westbury Square Up For Sale Again
My mom and grandmother used to take me to Westbury Square on their shopping trips. Then I shot movies there as a kid when it was as vacant as a Hollywood back lot. Richard Connelly of The Houston Press says Westbury Square is once again up for sale and this time it might not make it (what's still left that is).

Mall of the Mainland to get a makeover
I made a quick trip to the mall for the first time in 2004, not much was there at the time. My wife tells me that has been the case for awhile. That could be changed very soon.

Giant vacant lot across Bellaire from Sharpstown Mall gets tenant
St. Agnes Academy is moving in. (on the click, scroll down for story on this)

If all of this hasn't been enough for you, then you might take solace in the fact that Schlotzsky's is adding six locations to Houston. Next time you are stuffing your face with an Original, think of me. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here