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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Houston's 57 KAZH changing formats to English programming

I didn't see this one coming. Broadcasting and Cable is reporting that a Houston station is switching formats from Spanish language programming to English programming.

Channel 57 KAZH is the station we're talking about and is currently a Vasallo Vision Network affiliate.
Titan Broadcast Management who operates the station tells BandC that it can make more money with the format change.

Titan CEO Dan Sullivan told the publication, "The availability of quality classic television programming was also a driving force in this decision to change format."

Does that mean the Houston channel will air something akin to the RetroTV Network or ThisTV? Tribune just announced it is starting a secondary digital network that will offer older shows but that won't debut until next year supposedly. Well at least we know what the new programming probably won't be then.

The article says we should find out the new programming soon. The station changes at the end of September.

Care to take a guess on what it will air? Maybe old Mr. Ed episodes? Maybe that is just me wishing out loud.

TVnewscheck reports that the KAZH format change came from news that KNWS 51 could change to a Spanish language format.

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