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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VIDEO: Behind the scenes of Atom Smasher's 104.1 KRBE in 2003

Remember Atom Smasher at 104.1 KRBE? From night man to morning show host duties, Atom certainly made an impact on Houston.

In fact, when Sam Malone left and Smasher and Maria Todd became the morning show, I realized people were interested in Houston media stories on my blog. You can blame this event for the continuation of this blog.

Above is behind the scenes footage of Atom Smasher doing his show in the KRBE studios back in 2003. As a self confessed radio geek, I enjoy watching good DJs doing their show. It appears to take someone with great multi-tasking skills with slight ADHD. Atom is even entertaining with callers who probably never made air.

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