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Thursday, July 15, 2010

NASA TV goes High Def Monday

NASA fans rejoice. Coming Monday, NASA Television will launch a full-time High Def channel for news and coverage of agency missions.

NASA says this channel will have exclusive HD content only the space agency can provide. This includes:

- Live launch coverage of space shuttles and other spacecraft.
- The "ISS Update," a daily program covering the activities of the on-orbit International Space Station crews, will air on the new HD channel.
- Video of the Earth shot by crews on the station and from NASA satellites also will be available.

Also look out for news feed, media conferences, lectures, satellite interviews and special events.

I guess this is up to your TV provider if they allot bandwidth to this new NASA HD channel however.

Remember in MTV's early days when you were supposed to call the cable operator doing your best Sting and say, "I want my MTV in stereo?"

Now you can call them up and say, "I want my NTV in HD!" OK that was weak, I know. It's almost the weekend, what do you care?

For complete NASA TV information:

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