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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

WFAA 8 anchor Gloria Campos wants out?

Interesting post over at Uncle Barky's about longtime WFAA 8 anchor Gloria Campos.

When it comes to Dallas-Fort Worth TV anchors, Campos is one of the legends now. So how much longer will the audience enjoy her work? That's the 8 million dollar question (get it, she works at channel...oh never mind):

"I've been told by many that I'm the 'Queen Bee' and very valuable to our news department," she says. "However, I am already laying the groundwork for my next step and/or career . . . It is my hope to end my broadcast career here, but one never knows, considering the economy and changing nature of our business." READ THE REST

It's no secret I am a total broadcasting geek. I read the trades everyday. One thing I notice is that veteran TV news anchors are quitting the business left and right. Practically everyday another one takes off for a new life. Blame it on salary cuts, the changing business or just wanting to retire. The amount of talent leaving really stands out right now. Last year is when the exodus started from what I remember.

I actually toyed with the idea of starting a website that tracks all of these departing anchors but suddenly realized no one would visit a site like that. Then an episode of That Metal Show came on VH1 Classic and I started to watch that...totally forgetting about this site idea until now.

What was I just typing about?  Oh crap, gotta go.  An episode of One-Hit Wonders just came on. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here