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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mary Lee storms onto KPRC 2's weather team

There are many things we know about Mary Lee, the latest weathercaster to join the KPRC 2's storm center. We know she arrived to Houston from Austin's KXAN 36/KNVA 49. We know she is originally a California girl (come on sing it with "I wish they all could be...").

But there is one thing we do not know. Will a TV reality show cupid (presumably named Chris Harrison) shoot an arrow through Lee's heart causing her to search for love and national television exposure?

I'm not as smart as a TV meteorologist, but even I can predict that most likely will not happen. I think her predecessor Johnathan Novack appearing on ABC's The Bachelorette is a one and a million chance for most TV weather departments. That's a forecast you can depend on and I didn't even correspond with Mississippi State. If it happens again then I bet there will be a celibacy clause added in contracts immediately!

Good luck to Lee and here is a video of her in action on KPRC 2.

- Houston TV meteorologist on ABC's The Bachelorette 2010?
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