Friday, October 30, 2009

Chance McClain of 1560 The Game talks about new film "Horrible Turn"

Chance McClain is the program director of 1560 The Game KGOW but is also a man of many, many talents. You probably know him for his music releases such as Yao Ming Song and The Big Puma. Now he and collaborator Frank Bullington (KGOW too) have shot an entire musical to release on the Internet. The film is called Horrible Turn and hits the Web for your pleasure November 10, 2009. [WATCH FULL MOVIE HERE]

Mike McGuff: So what made a radio guy like yourself think, "It's time to shoot a full musical?"

Chance McClain: I have wanted to write and direct a movie for a long time. I got swept up in Dr. Horrible mania and decided to give it a go. I figured if I was going to shoot a movie , why not do a musical? Most of the people that worked on the film have some kind of musical background so everything came very naturally to us.

MM: What's the summary of Horrible Turn?

CM: Boy meets girl, love blossoms, bad things happen, boy turns evil.

MM: Was it all shot in Houston? Where did you shoot?

CM: The movie was shot in and around Houston. We used my house in Spring, the office at 1560 The Game, Upper Hand Hair Salon in River Oaks, Strake Jesuit High School, a residence in Memorial, and a surprise shot in Galveston.

MM: How long did the production take?

CM: The first draft of the script was completed on March 11. Most of the music was written by the end of May. We shot over the summer in 24 days. Editing and post-production has taken us up to now.

MM: Who are the stars of the film and where did you find them?

CM: All of the actors are local. Most from around the musical theater scene. Tyce Green plays Billy. Jacob Buras plays Kenny. Kristin Massa plays the Aussie Katie. Christian Haile is Johnny. Dominic DiFelice is Wade. We did a casting call in June. I think and a lot of the actors were cast from that.

MM: Any celebrity cameos in the film?

CM: A certain Spencer Tillman gets behind the newsdesk again...Sean 'The Cablinasian' Pendergast is in the movie. Raheel Ramzanali and Kevin G. Joseph wear skirts in the film.

MM: How many 1560 The Game references did you fit in?

CM: There are a ton. The mic flag in a shot is the only obvious one.

MM: Anything else you want to add?

CM: Dr. Horrible is pretty much required viewing to fully appreciate the movie. It stands on its own ok but I highly recommend folks picking up a DVD of Dr. Horrible or watching it on Hulu before peeping Horrible Turn. Remember, it is fan art. I am a fan of Joss Whedon and wanted to make a movie about Dr. Horrible. Part of the marketing they did with Dr. Horrible was inviting the fans to submit video applications for the Evil League of Evil. Unfortunately we did not have time to send one in so went the prequel route instead. I hope the music is well received, we busted our ass on it. I hope people can appreciate that the film was done by volunteers, in spare time, and on a limited budget.

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