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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

'Cheaters' host Joey Greco talks to Mike McGuff about 10th season

Can you believe TV "relationship" show Cheaters has been on 10 years? This is the show where a jilted lover catches their alleged cheating partner in the act. The man leading the way is Joey Greco. Greco was nice enough to answer my questions about the shows 10th season which starts September 26.

mikemcguff: Ten years is a long time for a show to still be in production, what do you attribute to its success?

Joey Greco: Among the keys to our success has to be the fact that we deal with a compelling topic, one that almost everyone can relate to on some level.

MM: What has changed on the show over the decade and especially since you signed on as host?

JG: In earlier seasons, we may have been popular due to the novelty of the production. Now that we’re entering our 10th anniversary season on Friday, September 26, our focus has included an effort to responsibly go beyond the ‘confrontation’ and explore the situations that precipitated the decisions leading up to that point.

MM: You’ve found yourself in dangerous situations during the show’s confrontation segments in the past. What goes through your mind each time you are taping these moments? WATCH THOSE SITUATIONS

JG: Primarily, getting people ‘off the ledge’ and creating a practical dialogue where their thoughts can be expressed. That, and sometimes, “what am I doing here?”.

MM: How does your love of physical fitness (former ESPN exercise show) come in handy during the confrontation segments?

JG: I’m confident that with my physical training I can evacuate any area with explosive speed and agility!

MM: Being a Native Texan, I am interested in the show being taped in North Texas. Why is that largely the area the show works in and how much does the show tape in Houston?

JG: Being produced in North Texas doesn’t preclude us from being ‘anywhere’. Our national detective network facilitates our task. We travel, when a number of strong submissions from a particular geographic region arise; putting everyone on notice that, we are in fact ‘everywhere’.

MM: What is the future of Cheaters? What about Joey Greco?

JG: The fact that this is our 10th anniversary season indicates that this phenomenon is not an anomaly! As long as people seek our aid, we will continue this quest. Hosting this program has provided me with extremely exciting opportunities. So, just like the show, you’ll never know where I might turn up. Stay tuned!

The 10th anniversary of "Cheaters" premieres September 26.

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