Friday, October 03, 2008

Isiah Carey's Fox 26 KRIV friends giving him YouTube hassle

In case you didn't know, KRIV Fox 26's Houston reporter Isiah Carey is a YouTube Internet star, but probably for reasons he isn't exactly excited about.

Last May the videos of a young Isiah 'The Insite' Carey virally moved around the world and even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live from what I understand. The videos look like someone from his old station found a copy of the blooper tape (most stations have them) and put The Insite's bloopers online.

The videos are listed under the title Roving Reporter Etiquette Lesson 1-6. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM

The most famous one is where The Insite is trying to do a standup and a bug gets in his mouth. Another one a dog barks at him. While another we see The Insite's humor as he pokes fun at folks who don't want to be interviewed in a classic MOS ambush.

Carey never posted the videos on his blog so I thought I wouldn't add insult to injury and I never posted about them here.

But now that he shows us how his Fox 26 KRIV family is handling it... COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here