Wednesday, November 22, 2006

VIDEO: CBS Evening News meltdown

Murdock is always up on current topics and brings us the news about the technical meltdown on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric the other night.

For non-TV people, it might seem annoying, but for those in the industry, watching this clip is extremely painful.

The video covers the first edition of the Couric news for:
CBS Evening News
Nov. 20, 2006
6:57 to 7 pm
TVNewser (who I talked about earlier this week) offers this explanation:
Couric apologized for the audio problems and signed off prematurely. "They had to get off the air four minutes early," another e-mailer said. CBS showed Couric standing on the set while theme music played and credits rolled. ("One got the feeling that heads were going to roll, too," a third e-mailer remarked.) The net cut to teases, then came back to Couric, still awkwardly standing on the set.
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