Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Frank Billingsley celebrates 35 years as a meteorologist

This month, we celebrated Tom Koch and Melanie Lawson's 35 years at abc13 KTRK, but don't put the balloons and party favors away just yet.

Over at KPRC 2, chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley is celebrating 35 years on the green screen.

Thanks to anchor Bill Balleza for letting us know on Facebook.

"Who'd a thunk it? Thanks for the shout out, Bill," Billingsley responded on Facebook.

Billingsley might not have been in Houston his entire TV weather career, but he's pretty close.

He arrived at KTRK abc13 in 1989 to handle weather duty on the weekend newscasts.

By 1995, he was the chief over at KPRC 2 where he has been giving us forecasts and easing our fears during hurricanes and tropical troubles for years.

If memory serves, when Billingsley made the switch between channels 13 and 2, he had to be off the air for a time due to contractual obligations.

During his on air break, KPRC started running promos with clouds in the background with a voice over saying something like, "The weather is about to get very 'Frank'" or something to that effect.

Billingsley started his TV career in Roanoke, Virginia and in 1987 he made a career stop in Biloxi before coming to Houston.

Happy 35 Frank!


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