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Monday, July 24, 2017

Tim Heller's wife has health scare

KTRK abc13 chief meteorologist Tim Heller has a health report, you might want to read

Tim Heller's wife recently was rushed to a hospital in an ambulance.

And from what the KTRK abc13 chief meteorologist tells us, her experience can be a lesson to us all!

I certainly did not know about a silent heart attack like this.

Heller took to Facebook to tell us what happened:

“They’re taking me to the hospital in an ambulance.”

That’s not what I was expecting my wife to say when I answered the phone two weeks ago. She had been complaining about chest pains for about three weeks. Initially we thought she pulled a muscle during yoga. When the intermittent throbbing didn’t subside after a couple of weeks she decided to call her doctor for an appointment. It was the doctor who called the ambulance. An angiogram at the hospital showed her main artery was 95% clogged.

My wife had what doctors call a “Silent Heart Attack.”

She wasn’t experiencing shortness of breath. Her arms didn’t tingle. She wasn’t breaking out in cold sweats. Her blood pressure was good. She wasn’t exhibiting what we might think are the classic signs of a heart attack. Except for the chest pains. And according to Google, more than half of the people who experience chest pains are not having a heart attack. We didn’t realize she was in the other half.

A little stent now keeps blood flowing through that part of her heart. After a week of rest, she’s feeling much better. Not 100% yet, but almost.

I’m sharing this story in the hopes that it might save someone else. According to the American Heart Association silent heart attacks are more common in women than men. My wife had enough blood flowing to prevent a full-fledged knock-down heart attack. But with only 5% getting thru her main artery, there wasn’t much room or time for error.

If you're not feeling well, see your doctor.

Check the American Heart Association website for more information on Silent Heart Attacks:

You might remember that Heller has his own health scare a few years ago.

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