Wednesday, February 01, 2017

VIDEO: Houston KPRC 2 10pm (Feb 2002)


  1. I see you are longing for the good ol days of real reporter/anchors.

    1. Looking at the ridiculous hat and pajama top that Pimply Pasty is wearing on this afternoon's 4PM newscast, I sure am longing for those days. It's a shame they force Keith Garvin to anchor beside that hack.

  2. I have not watched KPRC since really the time of Linda Lorelle, Ron Stone, Bill Balleza, Don Johnson and Craig Roberts probably was sports don't remember who was before or such. I watched KTRK long long ago as well but everyone i watched is now Gone or passed on or retired from there or is elsewhere like radio or such. Just doesn't seem like many good choices these days to watch but still watch KHOU over them all. But miss those earlier times. But the news industry is a changing and the people that come in well ones that we really like and ones that give us all the creeps or something

  3. Glad the Super Bowl is over. KPRC's coverage of it was absolutely pathetic.

  4. One of the funniest parts of Super Bowl week was last Monday, when Jen Reyna tosses out a claim that when she drove to work, she encountered a drunk driver who was a danger to all on the road. Hans Moleman asked her if she alerted the authorities, and the unprofessional traffic professional (who by the way "has her own department") stuttered and mumbled before saying she did nothing and just drove into work.
    What a gal!!!

  5. I just watched that whole video. I forgot how absolutely ridiculous KPRC's effort to have THREE anchors on at once was. Of course, it was the start of their de-blacking their talent as Linda was let go soon after. And that horrible elevated walkway where they'd blabber about non-news was also an asinine concept. I do sense thatBill is happy he doesn't have to run black shoe polish through his hair any more.


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