Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sophia Beausoleil joins KPRC 2

Former KXAN Austin reporter Sophia Beausoleil joins KPRC 2

Sophia Beausoleil
Lots of channel 2 viewer emails have come my way since former KXAN Austin reporter Sophia Beausoleil popped up on KPRC 2 this week. Beausoleil's Twitter bio lists her as a freelance reporter for the Graham Media Group station.

"Super excited to announce that I've joined the @kprc2 news team in Houston as a freelance reporter," the Katy native wrote on Instagram. "I'm super excited to be back in my hometown and to report in the community I grew up in."

Heck, even new Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has noticed his former city's reporter.

Beausoleil joined KXAN in 2012. Before that she worked for WCIA Champaign, Illinois. She got her start in TV at as a reporter/Anchor/Multimedia Journalist at KOMU8 Columbia, Missouri.

She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia.


  1. Why is her bio not on the (very hideous) KPRC website yet? And why is the bio of their on-air "talent" in alphabetical order, EXCEPT for the prominent placement of the 10PM geriatrics who are at the top of the page?

  2. And her arrival is not a moment too soon, based on the amateur and absolutely unwatchable Super Bowl coverage and the ancillary over hyped crap KPRC is pushing this week. What a underproduced, underthought, overhyped, self-congratulating hodge podge of fecal matter they are putting on air as SB XLI is in town.
    Open the windows, let out the moth ball smell, and get real talent back on this station!


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