Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Remember KNWS 51? Anchor Michael Quinn's reunion stories

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Michael Quinn

Remember KNWS 51? Back in 1993, it began as Houston's version of CNN's Headline News at the time. And come on, you can't get better call letters for an all news station!

The station had a loop of local news, tons of local sports coverage and a morning talk show with former KPRC 2 weatherman Doug Johnson.

Years later, the concept would serve as a blue print for Time Warner's News 24 Houston. Both eventually would leave the airwaves and cable lineup, but did usher in the era of MMJs which all the stations have now. Back then they were called one-man bands, VJs, backpack journalists...etc.

Former channel 51 morning anchor Michael Quinn has been thinking back fondly on his time with the all news station and making the rounds this month, catching up with his former news team.

 photo MichaelQuinn_WendyGranato_zpsh9gepget.jpg
Michael Quinn and Wendy Granato

He first got to catch up with KNWS anchor/news director Wendy Granato, who you will know now as the Vice President of News at abc13 KTRK.

"Wendy is like a sister to me, she's awesome, and look at her, she's as beautiful as the first day I met her in 1993," Quinn said.

 photo Michael-Quinn_MelanieJohnson_zpswvoab8ob.jpg
Melanie Johnson and Michael Quinn

Quinn also met up with another person who he says was instrumental in his career, former 51 anchor and station owner Melanie Johnson.

"She is responsible for my television news career...period," Quinn added. "If there wasn't Melanie Johnson, Wendy nor Channel 51 would have been in my life or Houston for that matter."

 photo MichaelQuinn_DaveWard_zpsjetlg3se.jpg
Michael Quinn and Dave Ward

Also he wishes Dave Ward a speedy recovery. It was just by chance he visited channel 13 and got a selfie with the legendary anchor.

"Dave is a good man and the last of the original Eyewitness News anchors started by Al Primo in the 60's," Quinn said. "I interned under the legendary Bill Bonds at WXYZ-TV in Detroit. Dave told me he never met Bill (who is now gone), but they remind me of each other every day. I've been fortunate to have worked in two major Eyewitness News markets (Detroit & Houston). Dave always remembers me, is always kind and an honor to know."


  1. I really enjoyed KNWS back in the day.

  2. I knew about Quinn all too well.

  3. Based upon the ratings, Wendy is doing such a great job at KTRK. Oh, wait ....

  4. Wendy's is one of the worse in the industry. What's left of it!

    1. Huh? Are you talking about the fast food burger industry? Let me guess...you're an HISD and A&M "graduate"?

  5. Owen Smokesplenty12/11/2016 11:10:00 PM

    Wow, Quinn is really packing on the pounds later in life. That dude was skinny back in the day. Now he looks like he could play on the Texans OL!

  6. I directed/switched and rolled my own tapes for a lot of those newscasts, usually 3 to 4 a shift with the other 4 being playbacks. It was a one man band show there after the station downsized in about 98-99. Some good memories and some not so good!!!! Broadcast television is a brutal sport and not for the weak of heart!!! thank god I moved on..............

  7. I don't remember KNWS 51....but I do remember when anchors were talented, impartial and qualified. And Sara Donkey Punch is HORRIBLE.


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