Thursday, November 10, 2016

Atom Smasher says he was let go from Dallas' 102.1 The Edge KDGE after format flip

After 27 years, 102.1 The Edge KDGE flips format to Star 102.1, drops Atom Smasher show

UPDATE 11/18/2016

UPDATE 11/17/2016
iHeartMedia/Dallas Launches AC Star 102.1, Replaces KDGE
Star 102.1 replaces The Edge KDGE in Dallas.

Christmas music launches on ‘Star 102.1’
After Christmas, iHeartMedia announced in a press release, Star 102.1 will switch to a mainstream adult-contemporary format, playing “hits from major artists like Madonna, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson and Kelly Clarkson.”


Atom Smasher issues public apology to 102.1 The Edge listeners

When longtime Houston radio dude Atom Smasher worked mornings at Mix 96.5 KHMX Houston, his tenure was controversy free from what I remember, but now he is apparently shaking up the Dallas-Fort Worth radio dial.

The recently hired 102.1 The Edge KDGE morning show host took to the radio apparently and social media to apologize for something he said:

"On behalf of the show, I'd like to apologize for anyone who was offended by comments made during this morning's Atom Smasher Show. Although I may not be able to publicly address the situation, I take full responsibility and hope to move past this and continue being a part of your morning commute on 102.1 The Edge."

Now, just what was said, I have no idea. And neither do the listeners writing in to him on social media. In fact, I have even more DFW folks coming to my blog than usual because they are trying to figure out what Smasher said!

I'm guessing since this seemed to have happened yesterday, maybe it is election related. If so, what could he have possibly said that hasn't been said already?!

UPDATE 11/17/2016
iHeartMedia/Dallas Launches AC Star 102.1, Replaces KDGE

UPDATE November 16, 2016
KDGE Dallas Drops Alternative After 27 Years


  1. I am certain he did and said NOTHING to deserve an apology like this. It's a promotional stunt. There's a brilliant fellow who writes a daily promotions column in All Access ( named Paige Nienaber and this is exactly the kind of thing he writes about. I'm sure he's even suggested it at one time or another.

  2. According to one of the Facebook posts, it's about how Atom Smasher allowed a caller to make political rants against Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate.

  3. I'm surprised Adam Smasher has to apologize about anything. He has HUGE opinions about NOTHING. I'd be supersized if he knew the earth was round. I have yet to hear an intelligent phrase uttered out of his lack luster voice. This is the most annoying DJ I have ever listened to. 102.1 was my go to station. I don't know how I listened to his rants about nothing for as long as I did, but I recently removed 102.1 from my presets he was so annoying. Now I listen to "scan" mostly for my 15 minute morning commut, and Pandora for anything longer.

  4. It's a talk show, freedom of speech is for everyone. Just as you have freedom of speech, you have the freedom to change the damn station. There has been cruder host out there and they are put on a pedestal. So people try to hate on him and his people? Seems like some bullshit to me. I like the show, and people that do like the show do so because of the choice of options and humor. And if you don't like it..... Shit do something different with yourself. People that want to call themselves "anonymous" well let's just call you chicken shit. I'm from the DFW shit we keep it real here and don't hide behind anything. Wish the station didn't do whatever is going on with it currently because what they do isn't bad it's entertainment. So suck it up and if you don't like it.... Keep it moving

  5. Interesting that his show was let go this AM as part of the 102.1 abrupt shut down. I wonder if they blew something out of proportion to avoid a contract issue.

  6. Atom Smasher was terrible on 104. He was terrible on 96.5. He's a man child who can't grow up. I'm kind of glad he got cancelled again.

  7. I've yet to see one example of a successful intelligent person who also has a neck tattoo.

    1. Me. I'm a successful, intelligent adult, in my mid thirties, with 15 tattoos (one of which is on my neck), facial piercings, purple hair... I have a steady job in healthcare, a house and car that's paid off. I live in a hoa, keep up with my yard, my dues, my property taxes, and all my bills. Just because I chose to look a certain way, doesn't mean I'm any less than you.

  8. Oh sure Rus Martin can say whatever the fuck he wants and yet his show continues.