Thursday, October 13, 2016

VIDEO: Houston TV anchors dancing for the weekend

Even Houston TV anchors like a few days off

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Several Houston TV anchor dancing videos came across my feeds today. Recently I've seen them lip-synch, but don't remember seeing them go full on Footloose on us.

Today FOX 26 KRIV's Rita Garcia and Ruben Dominguez and KPRC 2's Jennifer Reyna and Justin Stapleton brought it on. Did we just get served?

If you see anymore dancing Houston anchors/reporters send the videos my way! This blog could become the Club MTV of Houston TV news! Just as Downtown Julie Brown would say "Wubba Wubba Wubba."

A video posted by Rita Garcia (@theritagarcia) on


  1. Reyna dances worse than she reads news. And I never realized how short & stubby she is.

    1. C'mon know you want to do her! Take a number and get in line...

    2. She looks like a female Barney Rubble, toweling off and passing it off as a dance. Baaaaad.

    3. @ Anon 9:58..... if she's as good at that, as she is at news reading, she'd be a dead fish and not worth the effort.

  2. Well, expect her to get even stubbier after today's caloric intake! Andy said today is National Dessert Day, and based on Reyna's comments during her usual bad anchoring (and the cobbler crumbs on her lips and blouse), it sounds like she's going to indulge all day for this holiday.

  3. Justin out does Ruben and Reyna can't take the cake to Rita

  4. I don't know what is more dumbfounding. The fact she anchors when she has no skills to be an anchor, or the fact that some people actually find her hot.

  5. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!!
    The over/under on when Can't Read Reyna would butcher her first words was 11 minutes. I bet the under. And today she butchered her first of many lines just 6 minutes into the telecast.

  6. Lucky us! We were treated to an unexpected Monday at 11AM appearance by Reyna as a co-anchor. What sheer professionalism!

    (#Sarcasm. She actually did her usual poor job mispronouncing words. Those children who act like reporters in KPRC's Children's Museum of Houston are better anchors than she is. Hire one of them instead.)


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