Thursday, September 29, 2016

FOX 26's Scarlett Fakhar engaged

Two Houston TV anchor engagements in the last weeks

After the Mayra Moreno engagement post, I got a tip that FOX 26 KRIV anchor Scarlett Fakhar has joined the ring on her finger club.

"I don't post too much of my personal life on this page...but I just can't seem to wipe this smile off of my face so I thought I'd share...I'm engaged," posted Fakhar on Facebook. "Three years later and we're still having adventures every single day. Feel free to leave married life tips PLEASE! I'll be back to work next week!"

With all of these Houston TV anchor engagements, I thought I would share a story I recently posted on social media that really got some folks depressed. According to the New York Post, the era of the giant diamond engagement ring is over. Something tells me guys are not the ones crying over this one.

And before we go, I thought I would leave you with this clip of Fakhar in her lip sync tribute to Snoop Dogg. How many times do we see an anchor doing this?


  1. Lose the bleach.

  2. Congrats to Scarlett. That's one lucky dude who gets to 'Fakhar' from behind!

  3. Fakhar. Innes. Reyna. Chita. Donchey. Sachse. This town is overwhelmed with underwhelming and incompetent media hacks. And the above list just scratches the surface. Houston employs the weakest media personalities in America. It's time to hire better people.

  4. Im heartbroken. Lol.

    Congrats to her

    Also Congrats to Jennifer Reyna who I believe now has the monopoly of young male viewership.

  5. Reyna also has a monopoly on Bull Dogs (all apparently stored in her back pockets), and on incompetence.

  6. The blond look is bad. Not sure how she went from Greyson to Fakhar, but her original name and hair are better.