Friday, October 21, 2016

VIDEO: The evolution of Isiah Carey's "Factor Uncensored"

How FOX 26 KRIV's show Isiah Factor: Uncensored came to be

Isiah Carey gets 'Uncensored' about 'bug in mouth' video & more
In August of 2015, I was standing with Houston TV journalist Isiah Carey after a live broadcast of his Isiah Factor: Uncensored show in the parking lot of the Ragin Cajun Restaurant when it happened. A guy drove up, leaned out the window and asked him about his infamous "bug in mouth" YouTube video.

 photo IsiahFactor_8-2015-18_zpsqbnqxak9.jpg


  1. Ask Isiah to investigate how, right after Dom hooked up with Gramps Florescu, the Chronicle suddenly killed this link to one of their stories on her racist Resident Monkey comment, and the black journalist response.

  2. Isiah Carey is one of the best Reporters and on-screen personalities in the Houston area, and has been for a number of years! Of all the News Reporters on Fox, local or National, he is THE most "Fair and Balanced"!

  3. I still remember the bug-in-mouth video incident ROLFLOL!


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