Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Houston TV and sports legends come together to celebrate Bob Allen

Friends reunite at Bob Allen's memorial service

When an icon like Bob Allen passes away, his memorial service is the equivalent of a Houston media and sports hall of fame ceremony.

I've heard names like sports legends Dan Pastorini, Elvin Bethea, Nolan Ryan, Don Sanders, Jose Cruz and Enos Cabell were in attendance. There were also big names in Houston television as you will see below.

David Barron wrote that Tim Melton gave a great tribute and got a laugh when he said, "If you worked with Bob, you knew he was the best-looking one, the most charming one, he was the funny one, but he also was the short one."


  1. I liked Bob Allen. He was a real tell-it-like-it-is guy. All of the different tributes I've seen of him have been nothing short of touching. He was surely one of a kind.

  2. It was a beautiful funeral service for the legendary Houston Sports Broadcaster!


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