Thursday, September 15, 2016

VIDEO: Cringe News TV news Bloopers Part 2


  1. Watch just a few minutes of Houston Life, of any Jen Reyna effort to read when she's playing "news anchor" on live TV, and you'll see cringeworthy news.
    And what's up with the KPRC Troglodyte, Donchey and Sachse all sharing the same pair of ridiculous black glasses? They didn't make Rick Perry look any smarter, and they definitely don't raise the IQ of any of those three.

  2. Reyna's been trotted out as a 1/4 time anchor for 3+ years now, and she's worse today than the day she started. She still struggles to finish a sentence that contains big people words, and then she plays it off with that deer in the headlights smile.
    Considering the overabundance of anchors they have on staff at KPRC, especially the many lesser paid and equally incompetent ones, it's amazing she's still drawing a salary there.

  3. How long has Reyna been with KPRC-TV ?

    1. Too long.

    2. She's back from vacation (or based on her raspy voice and sore throat, perhaps job interviews too?) and on air again. She butchered the 11AM news as is her wont.


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