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Monday, August 15, 2016

Josh Marshall joins KHOU 11

Josh Marshall joins KHOU 11 from KCTV5 Kansas City

Josh Marshall
KCTV5 investigative reporter Josh Marshall is joining KHOU 11 according to a source.

He's been with the Kansas City station since August 2014.

Before KC, Marshall was a reporter at WEYI Flint, MI. I hope he didn't drink the water for his sake.

Marshall graduated from West Virginia University in 2012.

An interesting note in his bio is the fact Marshall is a sergeant in the Kansas National Guard. In 2008, he enlisted as an artilleryman and has been working to become an officer. Wonder if he will continue his service in Texas?

An avid sports fan, Marshall might be in conflict next month when the Texans take on the Chiefs.

I reached out to Marshall for more information and did not hear back. We don't know when he starts at channel 11 or if he will be an investigative reporter in Houston.

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  1. He's in while Lily Jang is on the way out? Chita's curvy "personality" can only do so much....KHOU is really going into the crapper!

  2. hope this kid doesn't think he'll have the time to use props like that in his new job.

  3. A 26-year-old "investigative" reporter? How much did that set KHOU back? Not much, I'm guessing.

  4. He didn't do anything of note in Kansas City. KCTV is toxic right now. He's smart enough to know when to get out, even if he is a cheap hire.

  5. You know the timing of this makes me wonder. I have not seen much with the I-Team at KHOU with Jeremy Rogalski (not certain on spelling) and Scott Knoll.

    Have not seen reports from those two much lately anyways. Unless investigative field is quiet for moment or something.


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