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Saturday, July 30, 2016

VIDEO: Marvin Zindler sat down with Jack Yates HS' TV in 2005 and it is mesmerizing

WATCH: Action 13 KTRK consumer reporter Marvin Zindler sat down with high school students in 2005 and gave one of the last accounts of his life

In 2005, an 83-year-old Marvin Zindler sat down with the Jack Yates High School community forum. I figured with the anniversary of the Action 13 KTRK consumer crusader's death this week, you might enjoy one of the best interviews I've ever seen with Zindler.

Also this weekend, the Houston Chronicle has a nice look back at the Chicken Ranch saga.

You can read my remembrances of the White Knight in Blue Shades when he passed away.

 photo marvinyates_zpsx8bx9ahx.jpg

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