Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Steven Romo joins KTRK abc13

Anchor/reporter Steven Romo joins KTRK abc13 from KJRH Tulsa

Steven Romo

Anchor/reporter Steven Romo is joining KTRK abc13 according to a post on his Facebook page. He comes from KJRH in Tulsa, OK.

However, the Dallas native has spent most of his TV career in Texas.

Romo has worked as the evening anchor for KCEN's KAGS-HD newscasts Bryan/College Station. He also anchored weekend newscasts for KZTV Action 10 News and reported for KRIS 6 in Corpus Christi. Before that, he was an anchor/reporter for KAUZ News Wichita Falls. Romo started his television news career at KFDX in Wichita Falls.

His official start in journalism began while reporting for the Texas A&M daily student newspaper.

And I bet there will be a lot of Google searches for "Is Steven Romo related to Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys quarterback)?" Not as far as I can tell.

For a real Tony Romo Texas TV connection, look no further than his own wife, former KDAF 33 Dallas-Fort Worth reporter Candice Crawford (who also happens to be the sister of Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford).


  1. Who is he going to replace, I'm going to find out

  2. Is he replacing someone... are they adding more newscasts?

  3. WE don't need anymore newscasts with Channel 13. They have 4:30 to 7 am Weekdays

    They have 11am to 12 pm during the Week and then 4 to 5:30 then 6 to 7 and those are split newscasts now instead of a full hour. Unless they extend the 11 to 12 to 12:30 similar to KPRC has

    The weekends don't know what they have morning wise when news is on.

    But yeah would be curious if taking over for someone.

    Don't know yet what these networks will have as far as Fall lineups for during day and other things.

    Talk shows and such things on if what they have will continue too

    But am curious who might be out at KTRK if he is going to Anchor somewhere.

  4. So they're not hiring good looking people anymore?

    1. he looks good to me https://m.facebook.com/stevenromo/photos/a.398968273453227.115557.263742540309135/1405728566110521

    2. Me too! Makeup and hair does not help men as much as it does the women on TV. Plus, I think we have gotten to the point in America, where if you are average-looking, or naturally average-looking without makeup, you are considered good-looking and if you are a naturally pretty person, you aren't considered good-looking. It's like everything has been turned around. Weird.

    3. I'm torn because I'd like to say I've followed him on Instagram since his central Texas days and he's fit and quite handsome.. The bio picture doesn't do him justice. But I also hate this superficiality being discussed instead of intelligence. At least men are getting what women have for decades

    4. That's why we are doing it. To be fair. Let's face it, news people rely on what they appear to look like. Intelligent people become surgeons,not news reporters focused on themselves. Sorry.

  5. Implying that he is not good looking is a joke, right? Every time I see him on TV, I catch myself thinking...Wow, he is handsome! (And more importantly, he does a good job as a reporter.)

    1. Couldn't agree more! I saw him on today. I had to google him because dang so fine this page comes up lol


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