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Thursday, April 21, 2016

VIDEO: Dominique Sachse doing KPRC 2 traffic in summer 1993

Going back in time with KPRC 2 anchor Dominique Sachse as she does morning traffic in 1993

 photo dominiquesachse1993_zpsaeq15wyt.jpg

I got such a huge reaction last time I posted some early 1990s footage of now KPRC 2 anchor Dominique Sachse doing traffic at the Houston NBC affiliate. How about some more!

TV archivist Josh Burdick has posted a montage of clips from the summer of 1993 of Sachse doing morning traffic, but you'll also catch glimpses of then anchors Dan O'Rourke, Bob Nicholas and meteorologist Dave Dixon. How about the open of The Today Show with Katherine Couric?


  1. Damn, I think Dominique Sachse is hotter now than she was back then!

    1. So, you really don't understand it's surgery, more flattering hair and makeup? I'm really worried about the fact that so many people believe EVERYTHING they see. It's scary and sad at the same time.

    2. What worries me is that she is heavily disliked based on past comments here, at other media outlets; yet no anti Dom comments are on this page. I sense McGuff sold out to her and her PR machine.

  2. No he doesn't allow them.


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