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Monday, March 21, 2016

VIDEO: Watch KPRC 2 10pm news from 3-21-91

What was KPRC 2 reporting on 25 years ago? Lots of hard crime, that's for sure. And Bill Balleza was in the anchor chair!


  1. Just HAD to include the ad for Tostitos, didn't you???????

  2. Hard News Cast not bad for 1991

  3. Wow I wish a sausage biscuit at McDonald's was still 79 cents

  4. The first inmate out the door was wearing a KLOL t-shirt. We got SOO much mail on that video. Hope that dude is doing well.

    1. I just found that part! It starts at 2:29 in the above video.

  5. Not bad for a former US Marine Corps veteran to be anchoring KPRC-TV!

  6. This was just before the advent of late night co-anchors in Houston. Since then I've had the great pleasure of working with Paula Zahn, Jan Carson, Terry Anzur, Linda Lorelle, Dominique Sachse, and Lauren Freeman.


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