Friday, March 04, 2016

KPRC 2 is #1 in February 2016 sweeps

KPRC 2 channel 2 dominates at 10pm in Houston

KPRC Channel 2 News is Houston’s ratings winner in key newscasts, including a commanding victory at 10pm for the Nielsen February measurement period.

At 10:00pm Monday-Friday, viewers made KPRC Channel 2 News with Dominique Sachse, Bill Balleza, Frank Billingsley and Randy McIlvoy #1 with nearly a 40% ratings advantage over the next closest competitor, KTRK Channel 13:

KPRC 2.5
KTRK 1.8
KHOU 1.5

At 6:00am, KPRC Channel 2 News Today with Owen Conflenti, Rachel McNeill, Jennifer Reyna and Britta Merwin, tied for 1st place Monday-Friday:

KPRC 1.5
KTRK 1.5
KHOU 1.2
KRIV 1.2

“We won 19 out of 20 weeknights at 10pm, which proves no matter what viewers are watching in primetime, they make a point to turn on Channel 2 News at 10,” said KPRC Channel 2 General Manager, Jerry Martin. “Coupled with a win in the morning, and strong performances in our evening newscasts, it’s a credit to the hard work of the entire news team.”

Other ratings highlights include:

Channel 2 News Today at 5:30am tied for #1
The Today Show is #1 among network morning news programs
Channel 2 News Midday (11:00am) is up 17% Year-to-Year
Channel 2 News at Noon is up 50% Year-to-Year
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt tied for #1
Channel 2 News at 6:00pm posted a strong 1.5 rating
Entertainment Tonight is up 14% from the November book, tying for #1 at 6:30pm
NBC’s 9pm Hour (Monday-Friday) is #1, up 24% Year-to-Year
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is #1, beating Kimmel and Colbert combined
Saturday Night Live is the #1 program following late news, Monday-Sunday

All ratings are Adults 25-54 based on Nielsen Live + SD English Only overnights for the measurement period of February 4th, 2016 through March 2nd, 2016, M-F 10-10:30pm and M-F 6-7am.

KPRC Channel 2 is the NBC affiliate for Houston, TX. The station is owned by The Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC) and is one of five in the television division along with WDIV Detroit, WKMG Orlando, KSAT San Antonio and WJXT Jacksonville. KPRC has long been an innovator as the first television station in Houston and the 12th in the nation. KPRC was the first in Houston to broadcast in color and the station that beamed Neil Armstrong’s famous words “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” across the world. KPRC’s innovative spirit continues to this day through communications advances and community partnerships. Other KPRC properties
include and THIStv.

(This post is taken from a release sent to me by KPRC 2)


  1. I'm curious to know what demos they are using. Back in the day, we used to get 10+ ratings at 10pm at KTRK in the overnights. Has the audience eroded that much or are they cherry picking a favorable demo for their news release?

    1. I believe the overall TV audience has eroded that much.

    2. They are most certainly cherry picking their data to write up a favorable sounding press release.

    3. Could it be that back then, radio, television and print were the only news sources; whereas today the news is at your fingertips throughout the day via electronic devices?

    4. Tried to vote Mike, but the process is Facebook specific.
      So sorry.

  2. Cherry picking? Adults 24-54 is the money demo. Note those numbers are ratings (% of Houston population watching any television at that specific time) and not shares of audience. The bigger story is the fall of KTRK ... and the continuing mediocrity of KHOU11.

    1. At this point, I doubt KTRK or KHOU will publish press releases promoting their ratings or lack thereof.

  3. A lot of top-performing ABC stations could be in trouble. New York, WCBS claimed #1 spot at 11PM, beating out WABC. Charlotte, WBTV has beat out WSOC for the first time in 15 years. I would imagine KTRK ABC 13 is doing all that it can to keep from losing anymore viewers to competing stations.

    As it stands now, WLS and WPVI are winning Chicago and Philly, respectively... but WMAQ and WCAU could be potential spoilers. Of non-ABC O&O's... WCVB Boston, WSB Atlanta, and WFTV Orlando are still winning their respective markets... WHDH (slated to lose NBC at the end of this year, even though things could change by then) or WBZ could spoil it for WCVB, much like WAGA could spoil it for WSB, and WESH could spoil it for WFTV.

  4. I'm going to say the KPRC doing so well in the evening would have to be their well interpretation of news stories then.

    As for the morning, it's no doubt Chita Johnson being engaged and Jennifer Reyna being on KPRC 2. KHOU 11 in the morning was #1 back in 2013, and now they've slipped, especially since last summer. That is no coincidence.

  5. So a weather anchor gets engaged and the ratings slip. Is that your theory? Can we give viewers just a little more credit?

  6. Johnson and Reyna don't attract much except unemployed gawkers who can't buy what the advertisers are selling. And I don't trust any of KPRC's claims. One thing for sure - when they have Morticia on at noon or afternoons, she's losing viewers of all demo's.


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