Friday, March 25, 2016

Gianna Caserta leaves KPRC 2

Reporter Gianna Caserta leaves KPRC 2 for WLKY Louisville, KY as an anchor

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Gianna Caserta

After three years, KPRC 2 reporter Gianna Caserta is outta here. She tells me she's going to work in at WLKY as an anchor.

"Anchoring has always been the next goal in my career and I am excited to be moving to Louisville to make that dream a reality," Caserta told

Caserta came from WALB, the NBC and ABC affiliate for Southwestern Georgia. The Florida native graduated from the University of Florida with a Telecommunication News degree and a minor in business. She interned at WTVJ in Miami and WCJB in Gainesville, Florida.

Not only did Caserta gain a lot of good experience at channel 2, but she also met her husband, KPRC photographer Carter Schumacher. He's landed a job in Louisville too, but across the street at WHAS.

"This is such a bittersweet move for me. I have really enjoyed the last three years at KPRC and had a blast telling some great stories that only Houston could produce," Caserta told me. "I have made some amazing friends and even met my husband here!"

Courtney Gilmore to leave KPRC 2 for NBC 5 KXAS DFW

*This post was updated Sunday to add Caserta's responses to my questions from Friday.


  1. And KPRC doubles down on the can't read Donchey-Reyna-Rasta push, I guess if you are a narcissistic social media hound you stay in an anchor chair?
    Good luck, G. Like Courtney Gilmore, you're better than those who cut away to you.

  2. Congratulations on the new opportunity!

  3. Good lord, can they hang on to anyone?

  4. Still hoping Syan stays...

  5. She's been stuck doing the weekend reporting for a long time, seems like she paid her dues to move up from that. I'd probably leave too if more anchoring is what she wanted to do and Ch. 2 wasn't giving her that chance.

  6. McGuff, you might want to report that KILT-AM Sports Radio 610's "In The Loop" morning co-host Nick Wright is leaving the station after almost 4 years for a new job with Fox Sports 1 in Los Angeles, CA. His last airdate on the show is April 8th!

    1. Good.That guys sucks ass

    2. "Who are you man? How old are you? Are you like 19?." --Tom Hermann to Nick Wright.


  7. No big loss....not the worst reporter, but she'll be easily replaced with some younger eye candy that will do an adequate job.

  8. Too bad. She was dreamy and did a pretty good job.


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