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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

You can report for FOX 26 KRIV and other FOX TV stations with app

Fresco app sends users $50 for videos and $20 for photos chosen to be used on-air by FOX 26 KRIV and other FOX O&O stations

Fresco News and FOX Television Stations have announced today a partnership that will deploy Fresco’s Newsroom Tool Suite to FOX-owned stations in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Tampa, Charlotte and Orlando. This is the first partnership of its kind for Fresco and FOX Television Stations.

“We’ve been trying to do this the right way for years, but all that was missing were some ambitious 20-somethings and a simple app,” said FOX Television Stations SVP News Operations, Sharri Berg.

Fresco is an app that connects people on the street to TV newsrooms. Available for iOS, app users receive location-based assignments from local or national newsrooms. They can submit photos or videos, which are then immediately vetted and curated by Fresco’s 24/7 content team, and put directly into the hands of producers at local FOX Television stations. Users receive $50 for videos and $20 for photos chosen to be used on-air. In February, Fresco launched a test run with the FOX-owned station in Philadelphia, FOX 29.

“We built Fresco to harness the real power of citizen journalism,” said Fresco CEO John Meyer. “As news consumers, we’re often only given one particular angle to a story because there’s usually only one camera or one reporter on the scene. But with Fresco, there can be multiple witnesses who are recording their own perspective, which adds a new dimension to how stories are presented.”

About Fresco News

By providing a citizen-driven platform for breaking news content, Fresco News aims to empower everyone to be their own reporter and increase the transparency of global events. The company was founded in 2014 by John H. Meyer, a 2015 Thiel Fellow. Web: | Twitter: @fresconews | Facebook:

About FOX Television Stations

FOX Television Stations is one of the nation's largest owned-and-operated network broadcast groups, comprising 28 stations in 17 markets and covering over 37% of U.S. television homes. This includes seven duopolies in the top 10 markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Houston; as well as duopolies in Minneapolis, Phoenix, Orlando and Charlotte.

(This post taken from a press release)

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