Friday, January 29, 2016

FOX 26's Ashley Johnson is leaving

FOX 26 KRIV reporter Ashley Johnson is leaving the station

If you blinked, you might have missed reporter Ashley Johnson on FOX 26 KRIV because she was in Houston for less than two years.

She posted on Facebook she's outta here.

"#‎BREAKINGNEWS‬ tonight was my last newscast at FOX 26," Johnson wrote. "Glad to stay with the FOX family and move closer to home. But Houston you were great to me."

She only hinted where's going, but a source reports to me she's going to WWOR-TV New Jersey for the Chasing News thing they are doing up there that is like TMZ for local news.

Johnson came to Houston from WPHL 17 in Philadelphia in March of 2014.


  1. If I were her, I wouldn't even tell people I worked there. Have you ever watched 26? It's really horrible. I don't understand their fascination with radio people either. They dress like strippers, have tons of plastic surgery and wear tons of makeup. Plus, they have not talent and mess up all the time. I don't know if they have them on, because of that, or because they are Hispanic and that is who they are going after. Either way, they are horrific. It's good she got out when she did!

  2. To Anonymous who wrote the comment above: "You must be confusing Fox 26 with Channel 2. Take a good look and compare Don Teague vs Bill Balleza, Melissa Wilson vs Dominique Sacsha and tell me who has had plastic surgery and wears tons of makeup."

    1. I disagree with "To Anonymous". I disagree with "Anonymous". I worked in Television for almost 30 years. I worked at 11 and 2. I have friends in the business who still work at all stations in Houston. I was not "On Air Talent". They come and go. So do the people who make the decisions to hire. Those of us who work behind the scenes make it possible for you to "Make your Opinion" on what you see. "Remember us when you say this".

    2. What are you even saying? IS it because we are saying that the stations are bad? I'm sorry, but they are. Everything is " breaking news" in this city and there are a lot of mistakes on the technical and on-air side. Can we not speak our feelings, because you take it personally? To be frank, I could care less if the news stations go away. There are other ways to get news and I don't think we need all these news stations and all the newscasts.

    3. I agree with Pat! I worked behind the scenes as well. Talent does come and go, and all 4 of the TV stations' newscasts have their strengths and weaknesses. All stations have good and not so good people. I like 26 because I like to go to sleep earlier, but with friends at all stations, I flip around.

    4. Is there something going on at Fox 26 ?

      I've noticed half of the good news anchors & reporters are leaving the station in mass!!!!!

  3. Melissa and Dominque both wear tons of makeup.You really need to stop believing everything you see. Naturally pretty women don't need makeup and don't need to wear their hair a certain way to look good. It's that simple. I know for sure Dom has had plastic surgery, because I saw pics of what she looked like when in radio and she doesn't even have the same face. They had her old pic on the Chronicle website, for a story. Bill admitted to having a face lift and I don't really watch the other guy, so I can't remember what he looked like. The majority of the female reporters in this city are very fake, in regards to looks, but in my above comment I was talking about the radio people they always have on and their fascination with them at that station.


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