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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Houston native Shara Morris producing Joel Stein podcast

Houston native Shara Morris producing TIME Joel Stein's new podcast "What's Wrong with Me?"

Here's a story of a Houston native who is moving up in the media field.

You might remember Shara Morris from 2010 when she was rapping to be a Colbert Report intern. By the way, whatever happened to that show? :)

Now Morris, 26, is working with TIME magazine columnist Joel Stein who writes the magazine's "The Awesome Column." She is producing his podcast called "What's Wrong with Me?"

In this six-part event, the humorous Stein is trying to change himself for the better. He's looking to improve everything from being a better husband to becoming more assertive. To help him improve, Stein is turning to gurus from Tim Ferriss, Dan Savage to his own friends/family and Morris.

Stein writes more about his and Morris' experiences in the latest issue of TIME Magazine with coincidentally enough, Stephen Colbert on the cover.

Outside of podcasting with Stein, Morris is an independent radio producer based in Los Angeles who regularly contributes to public radio stations KPCC and KCRW as well as co-hosts a podcast on Homemade News.

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