Thursday, August 27, 2015

VIDEO #TBT: A Day In The Life of WFAA News 1991

Here is a DFW Throwback Thursday

A day in the life of WFAA 8 Dallas-Fort Worth News circa 1991. This video follows the news process from 6am thru 6am the following day. Featured are the great Bert Shipp, Marty Haag, and John Miller. You will also notice Carolyn Fessler, Jana Sims, Chip Moody, and Lisa McRee. This video was edited by Brad Kaplan and produced by Becky Slack.


  1. McGuff, you should also do KTRK Ch. 13's "A Day In the Life" video segment too from 1984!

  2. I like how the person in the video is flipping us off.


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